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SLAM-O-GRAM, volume 2
SLAM-O-GRAM, volume 2

Paperback: 207 pages

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Photos: 217 b&w

ISBN: 978-1-940391-18-2

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Classic Wrestling Programs #2: SLAM-O-GRAM, volume 2

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Classic Wrestling Programs #2
SLAM-O-GRAM, Volume 2
by Scott Teal

Once again, Scott Teal opens his archives, this time to present the second volume of his SLAM-O-GRAM arena program.  As the official program for the Nashville-based Gulas-Welch Enterprises wrestling promotion, these programs were sold in Nashville, Bowling Green, Huntsville, and Chattanooga.  Each program began its run on Wednesday nights in Nashville and made their way to the other towns on the nights that followed.

The first issue of this series was sold in Nashville on Nov. 17, 1976, and the last — the 100th issue — on Oct. 12, 1977.  Each original program has been professionally scanned, cleaned, sharpened, brightened, and presented here exactly as they appeared in the arenas.

This volume chronicles an amazing amount of wrestling history, including classic feuds like Tommy Rich vs. The Russian Stomper, Ken Lucas vs. The Masked Superstar, King Ripper Collins & Crazy Luke Graham vs. Abdullah the Butcher & The Sheik, Jackie Fargo vs. The Executioner, father-son teams Angela & Lanny Poffo vs. Len & Joey Rossi, Cowboy Frankie Lane vs. Gypsy Joe, and many more.  Each issue contained stories, interviews, and photos, both posed and action.

Original copies of SLAM-O-GRAM are extremely rare.  Only a handful of wrestling memorabilia enthusiasts have more than a handful of these programs in their collections, and it's safe to say that nobody has a complete run of all 244 issues published between Oct. 10, 1975 and Sept. 17, 1980.  In fact, the final issue of SLAM-O-GRAM, which was printed and scheduled to be sold on Sept. 24, never made it to the arenas.  The only known copy of that issue rests in the collection of Scott Teal himself.

Relive the memories in this, the second of a planned five-volume series of the classic SLAM-O-GRAM program.

Program contents

SLAM-O-GRAM #1Issue #1
A Year of Excellence
Photo Feature
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #2
Training = Success by Tommy Rich
Photo Highlights
The Greene Machine is Rolling On
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #3
Good Losers Are Quitters by Al Greene
Photo Highlights
Photo Feature on Tojo Yamamoto
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #4
Russia Enters the Race for the Crown
An Interview with Tommy Rich
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #5
In Memory of Jerry (Duke) Miller
Hall & Gulas vs. Malone & Sullivan
Photo Feature on the Russian Stomper
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #6
"Americans Are Lazy" say The Samoans
Jackie Fargo: He Just Keeps Going
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #7
Lets Meet Porkchop Cash
Inside the Dressing Room
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #8
Photo Highlights: Jerry Lawler vs. Rocky Johnson
Photo Highlights: Tommy Rich vs. Eddie Sullivan
"I Will Be Back" by Eddie Sullivan
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #9
Christmas issue
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #10
Feud Reaches All-Out War Pitch (Rich vs. Stomper)
Call Me "Cashbox" Kent
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #11
Ken Lucas: Sleeper Expert
Spotlight on Tiny Frazier
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #12
Spotlight on Ken Lucas
NWA Rules & Regulations for 1977
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #13
Tojo & Gulas, Gulas & Rich, or Rich & Tojo
"Autographs are for Sissies" by The Executioner
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #14
Good News & Bad News
TV Action! (photo feature)
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #15
Little Bear & Thundercloud: On the Warpath!!
Al Greene –– A Born Leader (??)
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #16
Jerry Barber: Fans Favorite
Sullivan Returns! (ed. note "Whoopee!")
Sullivan in Japan
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #17
Lady Luck Deserts Rich
Big News!
"We're the Greatest!" by Ken Hawk & Samoans
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #18
Bounty Set on Lucas
Harley Race: Cool, Confident Champ
Len & Tojo: New Horizons
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #19
New Contenders?
History of the NWA world heavyweight title
$1,000 Reward Notice
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #20
A Mask is a Cop-out
Top Stars Here Soon
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #21
Ricky Fields: A Profile
Photo Highlights
Bounty — To Go Up!
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #22
Names in the News
Photo Feature
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #23
The Man They Call "The Giant"
A Message from the President of the NWA
Blood Feud
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #24
Spotlight on Little Bear & Thundercloud
Jackie Fargo: He Just Keeps Going
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #25
Spotlight on Lucas & Fields
A Paid Advertisement by The Executioner
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #26
Spotlight on Tojo Yamamoto
Birth of a Feud!!
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #27
The Belt Belongs to –– Me!
Names in the News
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #28
Spotlight on Joey Rossi
Photo feature on The Sheik
Names in the News
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #29
Fargo Eyes Belt
Names in the News
Graham, Ripper Mean Trouble
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #30
Spotlight on Ray Candy
Jackie Fargo vs. The Executioner
King Collins Sounds Off
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #31
Spotlight on George Gulas
Luke Graham & Ripper Collins in action
News Bulletin!
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #32
SLAM-O-GRAM Photo Album
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #33
Spotlight on the Sheik
Photo Highlights
In the Promoter's Corner with Nick Gulas
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #34
In the Promoter's Corner
Are They the Next Tag Champs?
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #35
Meet the New Stomper
Jackie Fargo, Mid-America heavyweight champ
In the Promoter's Corner
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #36
Champs Are Tops
Collins, Graham vs. Everyone
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #37
Spotlight on Cowboy Frankie Lane
Ripper Collins attacks George Gulas
So You Want to Be a Wrestler?
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #38
The Making of a Feud
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #39
All for One, One for All
Let's Bar Luke Graham
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #40
The Real Story Behind the Feud
Gypsy Joe vs. Cowboy Frankie Lane
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #41
Special issue on Jackie Fargo
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #42
The Poffos: Cool, Calm, Controversial
The Mad Arab: The Sheik on Nashville TV
Tag Team Title Situation Unclear
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #43
Tournament Finals Set!
Wrestlers Benefit MDA
Winning is Everything
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #44
The Man Who Wants the Sheik
King of the Texas Bullrope
Meet the New Tag Champs
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #45
The Sheik Burns Fargo
Ariba, Luis, Ariba!
Wrestling's Butcher
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #46
The Nick Gulas Story
Wrestling Roundabout
Tag Team Champs Successful
Meet the Bulldog — Don Kent
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #47
Ripper, Crazy Luke challenge The Sheik, Abdullah!Wrestling Roundabout
Nelson Royal: World Junior Heavyweight Champion
George Gulas Aims High for Title Match
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #48
Lane Vows Revenge
Wrestling Roundabout
The Sheik, Abdullah!  Alliance of the Devil
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #49
A Family Feud
Obituary: Roy Welch
Profile on: Hollywood Blondes
Profile on: Cuban Assassin
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #50
Gulas Chases Royal
Wrestling Roundabout
Meet the Blondes


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