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Professional Wrestling Title Posters

"Limited Edition Wrestling Posters" is a series of all-new, full-color, original posters produced by Scott Teal through Crowbar Press.  These posters are NOT lithographs or mass-produced on cheap paper.  Each poster is actually a high-quality, glossy PHOTOGRAPH which comes in three sizes 8x10, 12x16, and 16x20 inches.  These beautiful posters are sure to become collector's items.  Our hope is that they will help preserve and stimulate interest in the history of professional wrestling.

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title Holders     Professional Wrestling Title Posters #1

Each poster includes pictures of the belts featured and a 2.25 x 2.75-inch image of every wrestler who held the title.


Superstars of Professional Wrestling     Superstars of Professional Wrestling

Each poster features up to 63 photos of wrestlers who have appeared in the various wrestling territories.


From Parts Unknown     From Parts Unknown: Professional Wrestlng's Masked Men

"From Parts Unknown" honors the tradition of masked men in professional wrestling.  It is believed that Mort Henderson was the first wrestler to don a mask.  In 1915, he wrestled in New York as the Masked Marvel.  Each poster features 63 photos of masked men who have appeared in wrestling rings throughout the world.


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