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Scott M. Teal (born October 9, 1953) is an American historian, author, journalist and publisher known for his work chronicling professional wrestling history.

Having been involved as a fan, writer, and publisher since 1969, he has written and/or edited and published 45 books and more than 100 periodicals.  He is also the executive vice-president of the [ Cauliflower Alley Club], a non-profit corporation devoted to financially assisting those in the wrestling industry who have fallen on difficult financial times.  He is referred to as the "most prolific writer ever of pro wrestling history" and his work is studied and referenced by other historians.


Teal was born in Wilmington, Delaware.  In 1962, after two moves to cities in Michigan, his family settled in Bradenton, Florida.

In 1968, Teal saw a TV program called Championship Wrestling from Florida and fell in love with the sport.  In January 1972, eight months after he graduated from Southeast High School, he published his first periodical, a fan bulletin called "The Tampa Scene", which reported on pro wrestling matches that took place in Tampa, Florida.  Six months later, with subscribers throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan, he extended the reports to include the entire state and renamed the bulletin "Florida Fan-Fare".  During that time, Teal had frequent articles published in national wrestling magazines, all highlighted with photos he shot at wrestling cards in Florida.


In 1973, Teal graduated from Manatee Junior College (now State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota).  After working full-time for a year building house trailers, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend Trevecca Nazarene College (now Trevecca Nazarene University).  He graduated in 1977 with a B.S. degree in Music Education.  Teal worked several jobs during his time in college, including yearbook photographer at both Trevecca and Opryland USA, photographer at Sears Portrait Studio, and clerk at a local convenience store.


During his first year at Trevecca, Teal supplemented his income by shooting photos at wrestling cards in Nashville to accompany his magazine articles, and later shot and sold publicity pictures to the wrestlers.  His work and reputation brought him to the attention of Nashville wrestling promoter Nick Gulas, who asked Teal to work for him handling photography and publicity.

Two months later, Teal was offered the opportunity to publish and sell a weekly arena program in Huntsville, Alabama.  The first issue of "SLAM-O-GRAM" was published on Oct. 10, 1975, and the entire print-run sold out in less than an hour.  Six weeks later, Teal's programs were being sold in Chattanooga, and a short time later, he purchased the rights to sell the program at the Nashville Fairgrounds wrestling shows.  Over the next five years, 244 issues of "SLAM-O-GRAM" were sold in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama arenas.

In 1980, promoter Gulas sold his business and Teal worked for the new owner, Buddy Fuller, for a month.  At that time, Fuller turned over the wrestling business to Jerry Jarrett, who promoted the western side of the Tennessee territory.  Jarrett had his own arena program, so Teal put the wrestling business behind him.

During his final year at Trevecca, Teal met and fell in love with Angela Walker, a freshman from Jacksonville, Florida.  After he graduated, he took a part-time job with United Parcel Service while Angela completed her education.  They were married on June 17, 1978, and lived on campus.  A month later, UPS management brought Teal on full-time and he spent the next 37 years working for the company.


In March 1993, Teal received a call from Don Rowlett, a wrestling fan who was promoting a legends reunion in Nashville under the banner of the Nashville Wrestling Collector's Association.  Rowlett needed someone to produce flyers and publicity for an April 10-11 event.  Teal, one of the few people with a personal home computer at that time, readily agreed.  Teal had nothing to do with the pro wrestling business since his exit in 1980 and he jumped at the chance to get involved.

In the days leading up to the event, Teal came up with the idea of publishing a 12-page newsletter called "Whatever Happened to ...?", in which he featured stories about, and interviews with, the older pro wrestlers who had dropped out of sight.  The wrestlers allowed Teal to publish their addresses and phone numbers so fans could contact them for autographs and correspondence.  The newsletter was an instant hit and was mailed to subscribers worldwide.  Thirty-two issues later, it was expanded to 50 pages.  In all, 53 issues were published, with one final "issue" printed in regular book format under the title "Shooting with the Legends".

In November 2003, Teal formed Crowbar Press and published his first full-length autobiography, "Inside Out", in November 2003 with Ole Anderson, one of the top names in the wrestling business during the '60s and '70s.  The reception to the book was off the charts and Teal was soon getting calls from wrestlers across the country, all wanting him to write their books.  Since that time, Teal has published 45 books, all relating the history of professional wrestling.  His company, Crowbar Press, also creates posters, DVDs, and classic photos, all with the intent to preserve the history of professional wrestling.


Teal is married to Angela Walker and they have two daughters, Beth & Amy.  They have seven grandchildren; Gavin, Caleb, Brennan, Wesley, Aubrey, Caden, and Emma (deceased).

Now retired from his full-time job with UPS, Teal and Angela spend their time with their grandchildren, traveling, attending musicals, plays, wrestling conventions, and attend NorthField Church in Gallatin, Tennessee.  At home, they enjoy binge-watching TV shows and movies in their home theater.

Teal's first book release by a publishing company other than his own is the upcoming "Soulman: The Rocky Johnson Story".  Published by ECW Press, the book includes a foreword by Rocky's son, Dwayne Johnson|Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.


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"Soulman: The Rocky Johnson Story" (ECW Press, Oct. 2019). Rocky Johnson & Scott Teal.  ISBN 978-1770414938

The Great Pro Wrestling Venues
Volume 1, Wrestling in the Garden (Crowbar Press, Jan. 2017). Scott Teal & J Michael Kenyon. ISBN 978-1-940391-10-6
Volume 2, The Greatest Wrestling in the History of Nashville (Crowbar Press, Feb. 2017). Scott Teal & Don Luce. ISBN 978-1-940391-11-3
Volume 3, Alabama: 1931-1935 (Crowbar Press, April 2019). Jason Presley. ISBN 978-1-940391-20-5
Volume 4, Japan: The Rikidozan Years, 1951-1963 (Crowbar Press, July 2019). Haruo Yamaguchi, with Koji Miyamoto & Scott Teal. ISBN 978-1-940391-26-7

The Wrestling Archive Project
"Wrestling Archive Project, volume 1" (Crowbar Press, Oct. 2015). Scott Teal. ISBN 978-1-9403910-4-5
"Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2" (Crowbar Press, Nov. 2017). Scott Teal. ISBN 978-1-940391-17-5

Classic Arena Programs
Volume 1: "SLAM-O-GRAM, vol. 1" (Crowbar Press, May 2017). Scott Teal. ISBN 978-1-940391-13-7
Volume 2: "SLAM-O-GRAM, vol. 2" (Crowbar Press, July 2018). Scott Teal. ISBN 978-1-940391-18-2

Through the Lens, Through the Ropes
Volume 1: "Southeastern Championship Wrestling" (Crowbar Press, Crowbar Press, May 2017). Compiled by Scott Teal. ISBN 978-1-940391-15-1
Volume 2: "Championship Wrestling from Florida" (Crowbar Press, Oct. 2017). Compiled by Scott Teal. ISBN 978-1-940391-16-8

Other works published
Durango (Crowbar Press, July 2012). H.E. (Chuck) Thornton. ISBN 978-0-9844090-7-5
Charles Starrett: Before Durango (Crowbar Press, July 2013). H.E. (Chuck) Thornton. ISBN 978-1-940391-00-7


• Cauliflower Alley Club — James Melby Historian Award (Las Vegas, Nevada, 2008, first recipient)
• George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame — Jim Melby Award (Waterloo, Iowa, 2011)
• Legends Lunch Award (Tampa, Florida, 2016)
• Mid-South/UWA Wrestling Alliance — Spotlight Award (North AL Mid-South/UWA Reunion, Lewisburg, Tennessee, 2018)


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