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"US" is Scott Teal, the owner of Crowbar Press.  Scott has been writing about professional wrestling since 1968.  His first publication was a fan bulletin called "The Tampa Scene," and later changed the title to "Florida Fan-Fare."  Since then, he has edited, written, and published more than 100 books on the subject of pro wrestling.  In 2003, he published his first biography, "Inside Out," with Ole Anderson.  Since then, he has published 19 other books, including bios with such well-known wrestlers as J.J. Dillon, Jody "Assasin #2" Hamilton, Downtown Bruno, Ivan Koloff, Tony Atlas, Stan Hansen and Bill De Mott.  He co-authored "The Solie Chronicles" with Robert and Pamela Allyn, and edited and published seven other books.


Most orders are filled within two days.  However, we are a home-based business (in other words, Scott Teal has no employees), so there will be occasions when it will take a day or two longer.

Methods of Payment:


Square We're pleased to announce that we can now accept "U.S. issued" Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover credit card payments using Square.  This has been a much requested service and Square has made it both safe and convenient.  Your order is processed over the phone and we mail you a receipt via e-mail.  We still accept PAYPAL, CASH, and CHECK payments, too, but this gives you one more option.  To pay by credit card, please contact us at or call (615) 442-6699.  For more information about Square security visit the security page.

In addition to credit cards, we still accept PAYPAL, CASH, and CHECK payments.

For orders by cash, check or money order, please add postage rates as indicated below.  All checks and money orders must be made out to:  SCOTT TEAL

When ordering by regular mail, please include your email address so we can contact you if there is any problem with your order.

    Postage rates in the U.S.
$1.00 to $19.00 = $3.00$19.01 to 39.00 = $3.50$39.01 to 59.00 = $5.60$59.01 to 90.00 = $7.10$90.01 and up = $8.60


Postage rates have skyrocketed in the past couple of years.  In the past, we have shipped all books out by Priority Mail.  We have been sending out books via Media Mail, which allows us to charge considerably less for shipping.  For the most part, books have been arriving in a timely manner.  However, in rare cases, books take up to three weeks to arrive.

We now offer a Priority mail upgrade for those wish to use that service.  To upgrade your service, click the PayPal button to the left.
NOTE: Click only one time per order.


To order through PayPal, e-mail  Let us know the items you want, the country to which you want them sent, and your PayPal e-mail address.   We will then send you an invoice with the total including postage.

As of February 2014, International Priority Mail postage to Canada and overseas has increased once again.  In most cases, we can ship up to two books to Canada via International Flat-Rate Priority Mail for $20.55 anywhere overseas for $24.75, and to FPO addresses for $12.35.  Depending on the thickness of the books, we might be able to send three books for the same price.  We add NOTHING to the price of postage for shipping and handling.  That is exactly what the post office charges us.
When ordering more than two books, please e-mail us with your selections and we'll let you know whether or not we can send them out for the Flat-Rate price.

Thanks for your support of our work and for remembering the legends.

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